Your Home Needs HVAC Zoning: Here's Why

Zoning Basics

You don't need a large house or several levels to benefit from a/c zoning in your home. If you're considering an HVAC system replacement, it's an excellent time to plan zones areas into your system replacement.

Even if it's not time to replace your system right now, a little information about HVAC zoning can help you prepare for this option when it's time to upgrade your system. What does it mean to have zones for heating and cooling in your home? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of HVAC zones!

What is a Zone?

Most central air systems cool your entire home to the same temperature. With one thermostat to control your HVAC system, you decide on a temperature that feels livable for every room in your house.

However, not every room in the house stays at that temperature. During the summer, some rooms might get hotter than others. In the winter, your bedroom might get colder than the rest of your house, depending on the location of your single thermostats.

HVAC zones solve those problems! With multiple thermostats, you can control the temperatures in different rooms throughout your home.

What Are the Benefits?

More thermostats and more zones can sound complicated—and expensive—but there are plenty of benefits to zoning the heating and cooling throughout your home!

Improved Energy Efficiency

Your a/c or heater works hard to regulate the same temperature throughout your home. This burns a lot of energy! What if you're cold in one room but comfortable in another room? A zoned system allows you to fine-tune where your system directs the heat (or cold air) to the places that need it most.

You'll spend less money heating or cooling all of your rooms to achieve the temperature you want in your most-used rooms.

Extend the Life of Your System

Since your air-conditioner and heater aren't working as hard to regulate the temperature of your whole house, you're putting less strain on these machines! This can extend the life of the most expensive parts of your HVAC system.

Flexibility for the Family

If you're always cold, but your family gets too hot when you turn up the heat, a zoned system allows everyone to find and set their comfort zone throughout the house. The kids don't need to add more layers of clothing if you turn the heat down to save money on the heating bill. They can adjust one room to their comfort level while you reduce the temperature in rooms that aren't in use!

HVAC Zoning is the House Hack You Need!

Take advantage of the flexibility and long-term cost-savings from HVAC zoning in your home! Mathison Air Conditioning can help you plan your next heating and air-conditioning system to create multi-room comfort and improve energy consumption throughout your house.

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